Life Update: I have NO clue what I am doing

I am about to keep it soooo real with you all! Forgive me now if all of this sounds like a huge rant or doesn't make any sense, but it's me just simply keeping y'all in my loop! Haha. This life update has been long overdue. I am a tad private about the private aspects of my life such as employment, love life, or any post grad topics at that.  Let's be real... it's not fun admitting you don't always have it all together.  

Valentine’s Day… Everyday!

Beauties, If you are a hopeless romantic, please stand up! Haha I know that I am not the only hopeless romantic out there! So what if I fantasize about the mushy gushy cheesy things I hope that my future Bae would do for me, one day!? A girl can dream right!?

5 Tips to Surviving Spring 2017

I really can't believe that spring semester is starting tomorrow!! To all my college Beauties, I thought that it was only fitting to share with you, my 5 personal tips to surviving this spring semester! Let's be real, these 5 tips are a way to survive LIFE! LOL