Life Update: I have NO clue what I am doing

I am about to keep it soooo real with you all! Forgive me now if all of this sounds like a huge rant or doesn't make any sense, but it's me just simply keeping y'all in my loop! Haha. This life update has been long overdue. I am a tad private about the private aspects of my life such as employment, love life, or any post grad topics at that.  Let's be real... it's not fun admitting you don't always have it all together.  

March Beauty Favorites

Where did the month of March go!??? As usual, I wanted to share with y'all my March beauty favorites! This month was about trying new products that screamed, SPRINGGG! 🙂

How do you TLSP?

Talk about a life changing beauty product (Ok..I am being dramatic)! But, SERIOUSLY... If you have tried the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, you know exactly what I am talking about.. Check out how I TLSP!

February Beauty Favorites

Anywhoooooo, I am coming at y'all once again with my monthly favorites! This month's makeup exploration was very interesting, to say the least. I came across so many products that I loved and some that... Well, I just wasn't too pleased with. That's how it is sometimes though. Am I right?? Haha.